The new study plan and program of the Faculty of Foreign languages is based on modern and internationally- recognizedmodels i.e. the principles of the Bologna Declaration and ECTS scoring system which is allowing better mobility of students and Teaching staff, and it improves faster, easier and more equally fitting of the experts whom we educate in (mutual ) European Market for Education and Labor. System of studies is significantly lowering age limit for acquisition of PhD’s for most advanced and best students, which will lead to achieving a significant incentive for development of science and higher education in our region.

The Bologna Declaration Principle, among other things, means that its structure is shaped like three-layered model 3+2+3 i.e. :

  • Undergraduate academic studies, 3 years
  • Postgraduate academic studies, 1 year
  • Master academic studies, 2 years
  • Doctoral academic studies, 3 years

All teaching contents are scored by ECTS credits, based on principle that in one semester the student must acquire at least 30 ECTS points, or 60 ECTS points at most over the year.