About Us

In this modern day and age, conducting any form of business is impossible without the proper knowledge of foreign languages! The Faculty of foreign languages was founded back in 2007. as a higher education institution within the “Mediterranean” University. Currently, the faculty hosts hundreds of students and employs qualified lecturers and teaching staff along with expert management and academic staff.

The Faculty of Foreign languages realizes modern study programs which fulfil the highest educational standards; also it has at its disposal the newest of modern study techniques which serve a single goal – providing a more fundamental education for the future generations of Anglicists. Here in Podgorica, the Faculty educates highly qualified experts in the field of foreign languages as well as English and American literature. We consider that the profile of a modern-day philologist requires the knowledge of a foreign language whose core foundation is centered on up-to- date, modern language for the purpose of various professions along with knowing the business side of that very same language and being a competent translator; also one should know the methodology of teaching a foreign language, which include both pedagogical and psychological knowledge. All of this ensures that our students have the necessary quality and competitiveness upon entering not only the job market of our own country, but also the regional and European job market.

With foreign language into the business world!

Study program

Currently, the Faculty of Foreign Languages realizes accredited study programs in the field of English Language, namely the undergraduate academic studies:

  • Business English (180 CPSK/ECTS) and the postgraduate specialist studies
  • Business English (60 CPSK/ECTS)
  • English Language and Literature (60 CPSK/ECTS)

Our English Studies programs are based on scientific as well as theoretical and applicable knowledge from both the world of general English language and business English language; they also rely on literature, the methodology of teaching English as a first and Italian as a second language. These study programs are characterized by a wide variety of elective subjects from fields such as Economy or Business (Introduction to Tourism ; Public Relations; Introduction to International Marketing, etc…) as well as being able to pick out a third foreign language (Spanish, German, French, Russian, etc.) The Faculty itself employs well qualified teaching staff from Montenegro as well as from the Philological Faculty from the University in Belgrade.

The Advantages of studying at the Faculty of Foreign Languages (FSJ)

The advantage of our Faculty is the fact that we offer modern study programs along with work committed and dedicated teaching staff, the possibility of working in small groups, the use of interactive methods and the adaptability to the individual needs of every student. Upon graduation, all the different skills you learned will make you a competitive threat on the job market due to your skill set not being restricted to single domains such as translation, education or the teaching of the English language; in fact, there is not a segment within the state sector nor the private sector that does not value the practical use of skills garnered by studying Business English at “Mediterranean” University’s very own Faculty of Foreign Languages.

After Graduating

After graduation, our students can get employed at the following positions:

In the field of publishing:

  • In written form: literary, by genre, professionally (economy, law, medicine, engineering, archeology, psychology, mechanics, international relations, administration..)
  • Verbally: conferences (consecutive or simultaneous translation)
  • Court interpreter ( international correspondent)

In the field of teaching:

  • Professor of English Language in elementary school, high school, private school, kindergarten, on-line courses, institutes for languages

In the field of media and communication:

  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Host (radio, TV)
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Correspondent to news agencies

In the field of marketing:

  • Advertisement
  • Advertisement campaign

In the field of tourism:

  • Employees in tourism agencies
  • Tour guide

In the field of administration:

  • Business Secretary
  • Employees in government institutions

Other jobs:

  • Lecturer
  • Steward/Stewardess

The Class of Bijelo Polje

In the academic year 2014/2015, the Faculty of Foreign Languages is enrolling the 4 th generation of students for their undergraduate studies (Business English) – and the 3 rd generation for their postgraduate studies (English Language and Literature).

Terms of enrollment

The process of enrollment is regulated by the “Rule book on terms, criteria and procedure of enrollment at the first year of studies” which can be found on the site of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Those who have graduated from middle school can enroll at the Faculty. The ranking of applicants is done on a competitive basis, based on the grades from high school. After the publishing of the contest in the daily newspaper, the applicants submit their documents for inspection along with the filled application form. The student pens a contract of study with the Faculty, which clearly stated their mutual rights and obligations.

Kursevi – Courses

“Mediterranean” University’s Faculty of Foreign Languages organizes the following foreign language courses:

  • General English Language
  • Business English Language (sectors: banking, law and international relations, tourism, medicine, energetics, telecommunication, sports management)
  • General Italian Language
  • Business Italian Language (sectors: banking, law and international relations, management, marketing, tourism, medicine, construction)
  • Montenegrin Language for foreigners and proofreading services