International Cooperation 

Internationalization is one of the highest priorities of our University, which is part of our development strategy. Creating bilateral contracts for cooperation, realization of mutual international educational and scientific-educational projects, mobility of students and academic staff, participating at seminars, conferences and other academic gatherings, realization of the professional training program, are just some of the activities with which we are continuing to work on promoting academic cooperation and creating quality backgrounds for strengthening international cooperation.

In October 2014, ‘’Mediterranean’’ became the first University in Montenegro which was awarded
official confirmation for accepting our diplomas in Turkey by the Council for Higher Education of Turkey. That’s just the first step towards establishing longstanding collaborations with renowned Turkish universities like the Gazi University in Ankara. Thanks to this “doors are open’’ for graduates of ‘’Mediterranean’’ if they want to continue their studies at renowned universities across Turkey. Besides Gazi, which is one of the biggest and most recognized state university in Turkey,‘’Mediterranean’’ is also in cooperation with other big private universities like the Turgut Ӧzal University in Ankara and the Istanbul Aydin University in Istanbul.

Our University is also an active member in many University-based networks such as:

  • ALUm (
  • UNET (
  • BADEN (

In order to strengthen international cooperation, our University is participating in European and other collaboration programs such as TEMPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS, CEEPUS, GLOBAL UGRAD, MEVLANA, ERASMUS +.

By actively being a part of ERASMUS MUNDUS projects for mobility of students and Academic staff (EUROWEB, EUROWEB+ i SUNBEAM), we’re confirming the high quality of curriculums and programs.

We opened the doors of our University to international students, but also gave the opportunity to our students to improve their knowledge and skills at renowned universities and colleges across Europe and around the World.

Vice-Chancellor for international cooperation, Doc. Anđela Jakšić Stojanović, PhD

Adviser for international and between - universities cooperation, Milena Ðekić, Amina Murić