Studying process

Beginning of studies in Distance Learning (DL)

After the completed registration, DL students are entered in Distance Learning System (DLS) and are given their first subjects. All necessary study materials are sent by e-mail, within (as part of) the DL package, which all students in DL studies will receive.

DL package consists of:

  • Study materials on CDs
  • Username and password for DLS access
  • Instructions for usage of DLS
  • Instructions for creating term papers
  • Rules of Education for DLS students

Study dynamics

DL students themselves choose the dynamics and time of studying, which means that they’re not obligated to follow all of the classes simultaneously. Subjects consist of certain number of teaching modules, the opening and following of which is arbitrary for all the students.Finishing of the work from certain subjects is not connected to the other subjects from that term.

System works throughout the year

DL platform is active throughout the whole year and available to all of its users,365 days a year,24 hours a day.

Knowledge evaluation

It’s provided that DL students have knowledge evaluation after every teaching module. Knowledge evaluation methods depend on the form and nature of the subject and it can consist of:

  • Module tests
  • Term Papers
  • Projects

Students are obligated to take tests and do projects after each passed teaching module, which grants them the necessary condition to access to the next module. This enables the continuity in the work of every student as well as the achievement of pre-knowledge for passing to the next teaching modules.


Besides already mentioned knowledge evaluations, every student has the opportunityto actively participate in the work by:

Asking questions

Conversing with professors and other colleagues

Having discussions with other students and colleagues on the FSJ Forum

Online consultations with professors

Suggesting interesting websites and tutorials

All mentioned activities are implemented within the DLS, which is making the work and usage of it easier, and avoids usage of additional software results. Likewise, all of mentioned activities are additionally credited and evaluated towards final grade of students in that subject.

Live consultations are also provided once a month in previously agreed terms, in which the students will have the possibility to consult their professor directly.

Taking an exam

Taking an exam while studying from afar is being done live i.e. in FSJ offices.


After completing all of the teaching modules within one subject, preliminary grade is established, based on the number of credit points earnedfrom that subject. Depending on the form of examining, the final grade can be bigger or smaller in respect to the preliminary grade. Final grade is the sum of all the performance of the student during his work within the DLS, the grade from projects and works, results on tests, participation in additional activities, the quality of thesis defense, as well as taking the final exam.

Subject archiving

The subjects which are successfully passed and defended are being placed into the DLS archive, which is specific for every FSJ student. The finished subjects are locked in, students can still see them in the system, but they don’t have the possibility to open and use certain elements, tests or projects again.